About Amish Racing

At Amish Racing, founder John Cook and his top gun team of men and women believe that true success is about more than growing their beards; this top-notch group of daredevils devotes countless hours each year to running track days that basically benefit nobody - just look up our lap times on Mylaps to confirm. They do cook up some mighty fine grub at these events as Amish Racing is totally committed to expanding the waistline of everyone they meet.

Steve "Goose" Sowders #345.

 Left the team in 2014 to join the Merchant Marines.  Huge fan of Christopher Cross and knows every single word to the theme song of Top Gun.  Dyes his hair red and his beard blond - we don't know why......

Tulio "The Bean" Pinto   WERA # 278

Nobody is sure where this guy is from, but we think Chile or Guantanamo Bay.  Fear??  He spells it Medo (he's Portuguese).  Loves speed and is currently being treated for his addiction.

JD Ramsey   WERA #789

Favorite color is blue.  Once claimed to have shot a wart off a frog on a knot on a log in a hole at the bottom of the sea.  Has one really sharp eye but the other is pretty damn lazy.  This boy is good!!

Bagrat "BP" Polunin   # 55

Designs virtual racetracks so he can set virtual lap records.  Virtually did a 1:19.36 at Barber last year.  Virtually runs Tally at a :49.33 pace.  Favorite phrase "I'm virtually hell when I'm virtually well".

Tim Vosnick  WERA # 52

Most famous member of Amish Racing.  Favorite phrase:  "I refuse to answer and invoke my constitutional right under the 5th amendment".  Appeared on America's Most Wanted three times.

This was taken at the highest point of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We met there to pay honor and respect to Richard Seaborn Jenkins - a great man who passed away in 2014 due to a street accident on his bike.  I miss him every single day....

Getting ready to run my first official race ever - Solo 20 lap race at Roebling Road Raceway.  I thought I was going to die the whole time and am pretty sure I ran at least 26 laps before they waved the chequered flag......